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Charge your EV car, Monitor and Analyze for the balanced energy use

We provide you an easy-to-use tool to help with it.

What we do

SMART Capacit System helps you keep track with your EV charger infrastructure.


This easy to install software can connect to any type of EV charger so you can see how and how much your EV chargers are being used.

Easy-to-use admin platform

You can monitor easily how your EV chargers are used including statistics, real time statuses, error notifications.

System is compatible with every type of EV chargers

We are using a standard communication protocol (OCCP) which allows us to integrate every type EV chargers.

Quick and lowcost setup

It is a software based solution so there's no need of groundwork, the system will be ready to work after installing a small local server.

Support Service

Our team of developers helps with the setup and the maintenance of the software. 

If requested the platform can be custom made for our clients.

How it works

How it works

SMART Capacit System is a software-based solution, that means there is no need for construction.
  • We connect all the chargers via internet using the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol -  standard communication protocol used globally).

  • If it's not possible, then only bring a small local server with us to connect the chargers.

  • The system needs to be setup adding all the chargers and users. After that the local server will receive and send all the information to the central server and you will be able to see all the statistics on the admin platform.


Even in case of multiple buildings, you will be able to see everything in one place.

Our Partners

Our Partners

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