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Our Mission

SMART Capacit System is a software that is targeting smart and balanced energy use.


We started with Electric Vehicles, because there are more and more on the streets. But, yet the charging infrastructures have its limits and it is up to us how smart we use it. We aim to distribute the energy use as efficient as possible, so all our users can enjoy a charged vehicle.

Our Vision

We want to make smart energy use possible in an easy and comfortable way.

With the increasing electricity demand we realized that the electric grid has its limits and we have to use it smartly. In first place everyone should manage their own electric equipments smartly and we aim to help with that.


In the future we want to integrate many different devices, but of course we had to start somewhere. The reason we started with electric vehicles is that they have a significant impact on the energy use these days.

Offices and housing buildings are the target customers, because they are the ones who will be impacted most. In a lot of European countries it is already mandatory to provide electric charging for each parking spot in a building and that is a lot of chargers to deal with.

We hope that with the help of our software we can balance out the energy use and we can integrate more and more devices in the future.

Our Story

Meet the Team

sandor lengyel

Founder, Product Manager, IT specialist

Sándor Lengyel

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reka noemi suto

Founder, Marketing and Communication Manager

Réka Noémi Sütő

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kristof lengyel

Co-founder, Business Development Manager

Kristóf Lengyel

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