Our mission
Our mission
  • Our SMART CapacitSystem establishes collaboration between energy suppliers and their customers for a balanced energy consumption/production.
  • Our system helps to reduce energy consumption/production costs without the need of regular actions from the customers/energy suppliers side.
  • Promotes a conscious/reactive energy use.
The problem
  • The World’s critical dependence on the electric energy. Just immagine what would happen in case of a Big Black Out caused by natural catastrophes, terror attacks, accidents, hurricanes/storms, overloads, system shutdowns …
  • The percentage of the Green Energies is increasing but the production is not plannable in base of the consumption, the storage of energy in large scale is not resolved yet.
  • Shutting down/restarting or modifying the production in traditional electric plants have huge costs.
  • „Smart Homes” and „conscious energy use” are cool things but need a lot of your time and energy to set it up, follow up and stay up to date to make it work in a real efficient way.
  • The increasing number of electric cars will cause a high peak in the afternoon/evening in 5 years and it will be concentrated in certain zones.
  • This is how a typical Hungarian daily energy usage graph looks like from midday to midday, but soon there will be an important variation caused by the Electric Cars. Usually electric cars are charged in the afternoon when the users get home. This will cause about 10% consumption rise in the peak period by 2025. It will mean about 15 million euros worth of production regulation costs for the suppliers in one year just for this 4 hours space of time. …. and this is just the variation caused by the electric cars….
Our solution is to balance the daily consumption with the help of the SMART CapacitSystem, programing the charge of the electric cars and other utilities for the down/ideal night period to minimize production/consumption variations and to decrease the costs for suppliers and customers.

In the 2nd phase of the project we will integrate also accumulators in the SMART CapacitSystem to make more balanced the production/consumption by storing and recharging the energy.
SMART CapacitSystem functioning
Our system has 4 elements:
  • The power plants
  • The Distribution System Operator which manages and controls the System
  • The integrated SMART devices
  • And the enduser
It works in 3 simple steps:
  • The customer selects the utility he wants to charge, then presets the time for charging the device, handing over the control to the system
  • The DSO decides the optimal charging timeframe and issues the order to charge the device
  • When the charging is ready, the system sends a notification to the customer, giving him feedback about the money saved
The customer WANTS …
  • … to significantly reduce energy bill.
  • to be in position to decide when to transfer (without forcing) the control to the supplier to have cheaper and greener energy.
  • take care of the ambient using green energy.
  • to feel safe and not to fear black outs or extreme consequences of different types of powerplant accidents.
  • … to have exact feedback on the cumulated energy/cash saving.
The customer DOES NOT WANT …
  • to loose the possibility to decide when to charge/use utilities,
  • to remember when energy is cheaper and take care of setting up manually the different utilities,
  • to count kWs and try to understand electric capacity physics.
Added by the SMART CapacitSystem
  • The customer can handle the control of charging to the supplier so that it can be planned for the optimal time to minimize costs for both customer and supplier.
  • In the future the electric car batteries can be used for energy storing/energy recharging in the net.
  • Data processing and analyzing

JEDLIX #ichargesmart

The smart charging app for electric cars connects the real time fluctuations in energy prices with the charging of the electric car (Tesla, Renault, BNW). Customers profit from low prices when the volume of renewables is high. Dutch ICT Environmental Award 2016 and the E-World Energy app award.

SAMSUNG Smart Washer/Dryer

The Smart Washer App allows you to control your washer/dryer remotely from your smart phone, and notifies you of the status of the washer/dryer, whether it has a problem and the actions you can take to solve it from your smart phone.

Smart metering systems

A system composed of different electric devices that records consumption of electric energy and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring.

Microgrid level cooperations

Suppliers and the Smart Home systems tend to operate on microgrid level but the information technology makes possible cooperations on a higher scale.

Réka Noémi Sütő

Communication, customer care, product development

… graduated in Hungary as an economist and gained her first project management and leadership experiences in the AIESEC International student organization as a Local Committee President. She used to live in Italy for more than 10 years where she was engaged in the setting up and development of Quality Management Systems. Moving back to Hungary she was a member of Flow Group and obtained the Six Sigma Green belt certification and worked in implementing Six Sigma and Lean based process improvement projects. She is currently working as a freelance trainer, working process and personal efficiency improvement advisor and digital coach. Her main competency areas are: project management, working process development, presentation skills development, using visual communication in traditional and digital presentations, event management, online marketing, digital skills development, mentoring.

Sándor Lengyel

Technical development, IT specialist

…is a born leader. His outstanding leadership skills are complemented by comprehensive technological knowledge, gained primarily in the fields of ERP systems, bank legacy systems, and complex IT systems. Within the financial sector, he is an expert on data migration, data cleaning, data quality and Big Data management. Believing in creative thinking, he always searches for the best solutions for our Clients. As an avid sportsman, seeking out new challenges is also characteristic of his professional attitude. Actually he is the CEO of his own company, suITSolutions.

Gábor Pető

Sales expert, electric power field expert

… has great expertise in the field of project management, organization and process development, national and international sale processions. He graduated as economist in Hungary however he had already taken qualification at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, where he participated at a „Train the trainer” course focusing on the international sale experiences. He had been working for Assessment Systems International as Head of Sales for years during which period he broadened his acquaintance regarding sale skills controlling the international sale procedures. He is currently co-owner and managing director of MultiContact Group being responsible for the sales activities of the companies together with the co-owners.